Family Empowerment Services
Counselling & Mediation
Counselling and Mediation
We use the practical strategies of Cognitive/Behavioural Therapy to support individuals and families. In Mediation we focus on building positive comminication.

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Aromatherapy Massage & Stress Reduction Therapies
Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage
Aroma Massage has been proven excellent as a pain reliever and to build immune system. Our Stress Reduction Therapies are physiological relaxation exercises.
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Helping You Live An Optimum Life!
We make a positive difference! Our services include Family and Individual Counselling, Family Mediation, Stress Management, and All Natural Vegetable Base Pills for Healthy Immune System of Women & Girls. We are dedicated to providing quality, effective services, and are sensitive to the changing needs of youths, families, individuals and society. We seek to develop services that are responsive to changing needs.

Contact us today for counselling, mediation, stress management or to order the Estrosmart Plus for the females in your life.
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